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Meet Kris!

Kris Seabert is a seasoned professional whose diverse background in radio broadcasting and entrepreneurship uniquely positions him as an ideal leader for your business's social media marketing.

His nearly 20-year tenure in radio at 3CS and MixxFM in Colac has honed his skills in crafting compelling narratives and engaging a wide audience - a crucial asset in the fast-paced world of social media. Kris's experience in radio has imbued him with an acute understanding of audience preferences and trends, enabling him to create content that resonates and engages effectively on social platforms.


As the former owner of Cow Lick Bookshop in Colac, Kris demonstrated exceptional prowess in building a brand and fostering community engagement, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID pandemic. His success in this venture, underscored by awards for Excellence in Customer Experience and the Emerging Business Leader, reflects his ability to connect with customers on a personal level and create an enriching customer experience. These skills are invaluable in social media marketing, where customer engagement and experience are paramount.

Moreover, Kris's leadership in organising numerous business campaigns to bolster the local business community during and post-pandemic showcases his strategic thinking and ability to execute effective marketing strategies. His experience in rallying a community around a cause or a brand is directly transferable to managing social media campaigns that require cohesive messaging and community building.

Kris brings a wealth of experience in communication, audience engagement, strategic marketing, and community building. His background makes him exceptionally suited to lead your business's social media marketing, ensuring that your brand not only reaches but also resonates with your target audience, fostering growth and a strong online presence.

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Shop 4, 86-66 Murray Street
Colac, Victoria, Australia


0405 945 198



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